The Fear of Posting

By April 4, 2020 OFF THE GRID


Most decisions are based out of fear or courage. Others on potential future regret. When deciding whether or not to share a post with thoughts that you find controversial or just vulnerable, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will I regret it after?
  2. Is this how I really feel?
  3. What is the goal I’m trying to achieve?
  4. What are the real risks of posting?
  5. Is it worth the risk(s)?
  6. Will this help others?
  7. How will sharing impact my reputation and/or career?
  8. Why is the message important?
  9. What am I looking to get out of it?
  10. Why do I want to share?


The way the status quo is now – it rewards people that “blend in.” However, those that stick out and do it strategically win in the long term.

Don’t let your fears control you.

Illustration Credits: Sofia Doudine

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