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The Goldilocks Method

The terminology comes from the Brother’s Grimm story of the Three Bears, where Goldilocks, confronted by three bowls of porridge, chooses the one which is ‘not too hot, not too cold, but just right’.


After testing the extremes of hot and cold – Goldilocks said: “This is just right”.

How did she earn the right to say that?

She tried different things that made sense to her.

This is the Goldilocks Principle.

Go build and test whether it is just right.

Adam Fard explained it very well:

When trying out a new product, users want to avoid extremes. This includes things like extremely high prices, packages that force them into lengthy contracts, or access to excessive features. Instead, users tend to gravitate toward the more moderate option because they think it’s the typical option.

An additional trick you can try with this method is to highlight the middle option as the typical option. Give it social proof. Apply a “most popular” banner to it, or place it just a bit in front of the other options so it visually stands out. This way, you are subtly influencing users’ behavior.

Keep in mind that the key to successfully using the Goldilocks Effect is to offer similar options. When used correctly, this method is an unbeatable force when it comes to influencing and changing users’ behavior.

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