• Intuition and capturing the texture behind the words is my “secret sauce”
  • The end goal of my work is to ensure we are building the right thing

EDUCATION: I have an M.S. in Engineering and Management degree focused on product management – integration of human-centered design, business, and engineering from the IDM Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have a dual bachelors from NYU (B.A. Sociology with a concentration in Consumer Behavior) and Parsons School of Design (B.S. Strategic Design and Management).

WHY:  Products are my legacy.


  • Emotional Design: Make to Connect – design sustainable products and services that connect with humans at functional and emotional levels.
  • Vision: The marriage of data, intuition, creativity, and empathy.
  • Sense of Competitive Urgency: You snooze, you lose.

Laura is passionate, driven, and entrepreneurial. In addition, she has a great sense of fashion and lifestyle-related products. She thrives in a fast-paced, super-creative environment where the objective is to create products, services, or experiences that have awesome emotional value to the customer. She is well-versed in human centered design and multidisciplinary teamwork. She understands the relationship between design, engineering, and business.

Matt Kressy,
IDM Program Director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Laura’s user research and insights helped us better understand what podcast listeners wanted, guiding a creative strategy that enabled the podcast to debut and hold a top 3 on the charts.

– Network Podcast EP


My name is Laura Facussé.

I specialize in identifying white spaces to drive growth initiatives, product vision and strategy. I have a deep product sense, am research-driven, and have strong intuition for customer needs.

I plan and administer exploratory design research plans and draw connections by understanding the users, market landscape, potential audiences, trends, and expert research to design and validate new concepts and growth initiatives.

I’ve interviewed over 2,000 consumers in different markets across multiple categories including CPG, healthcare, and wellness – and worked with both multinationals and high growth startups to help identify unmet user needs and product/service growth opportunity areas that can drive the pipeline for future digital and physical product roadmaps.

I work directly with founders, C-Suite leadership, and department heads to help them make informed decisions on the best path(s) forward by providing a marriage of multiple data points and perspectives.


Laura’s #1 uniqueness is the ability to remain relentless in her search for finding the best insight and/or product market fit, without fear of veering a company, brand, or group of people away from the comfort zone they’re in. She’s a customer centric designer that is willing to push teams or founders to try new paths or opportunities even if it goes against what they want her to tell them or recommend. Laura doesn’t mind being the “agitator” which is an extremely uncommon and challenging position to hold, but she does it with a persistent desire to find the right answer and share it.

Seane Marie Faulkner,

VP of Product at THE WELL

Laura has natural intuition for the customer and market. Do not launch products without giving her a call.

Alex Klein,
MIT Lecturer & Founder at Team Human

Laura is a great strategic lead and design partner. Her research and insights helps teams understand users’ needs and wants in deciding the direction moving forward.

Michelle Ng,
Lead Product Designer at Chief

Laura is a product visionary. She is uniquely skilled at both dreaming up blue sky ideas and then being able to execute on her vision, which is evidenced by every project she’s ever touched. Her drive and hustle is unparalleled and she brings 120% to every endeavor. She’s also excellent at collaborating on product development because she is able to understand customers and identify their unmet needs, which is what leads to some truly innovative ideas. Laura is one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked with and I hope that we have the opportunity to team up together in the future!

Meghan Maupin,
Co-Founder of Atolla Skin Lab (acquired by Function of Beauty)