Micro Races

By July 10, 2020 November 2nd, 2023 OFF THE GRID

The rise of multiculturalism. Why racism will transform.

Current generations mostly consist of people descendent from one dominant culture and race or perhaps two.

However, increasingly so – the rise of interracial and intercultural marriages is increasing and creating these multicultural babies and multicultural future generations that don’t have strong roots with one or two particular bases.

“The proportion of interracial marriages as a proportion of all marriages has been increasing since 1967, such that 15.1% of all new marriages in the United States were interracial marriages by 2010 compared to a low single-digit percentage in the mid 20th century. Interracial marriage has continued to rise throughout the 2010s.” (Wikipedia)

What does this mean to the current concept of racism?

It will transform.

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