The Dirty Little Secrets of Skincare Personalization

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One big dirty little secret about skin care personalization is that it’s all based on trial and error. No one has yet figured out how to solve The Skin Affinity Problem – that means matching ingredients to each individual’s skin. That is because skin – being your largest organ, is heavily influenced on various factors including genetics, environment, seasons, UV exposure, sleep, hormones, skin care routine, allergens, etc.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 7 years and formulated 60+ beauty products and skin/hair supplements. I’ve also designed machine learning algorithms to personalize facial skincare products and supplements at MIT.

Anyone can pick up the knowledge basics and tricks to understand how it works. If you want to learn how to find products that work for you season over season, with your particular skin condition, with your desired effects (acne, anti-aging, etc)… continue reading…

We are going to teach you how to DIY and hack your own beauty routine. We will teach you the formulation logic and science on how to mix and match ingredients and products for your skin and hair. 

We are a team of experienced cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, aestheticians, and product developers with combined 70+ years of experience working at leading beauty industry players.

We are developing an online class to teach everyone how to solve their own skin care mystery. The class will also include a deep dive on hair care. We will also provide access to book appointments for one time or ongoing sessions for skin and/or hair consultations with our expert team members.

Empower yourself to be your own skin chemist. Unchain yourself from all brands.

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