Voice of the Customer

make to connect

Nowadays, the most effective way to gather deep insights is to listen to consumers under their conditions, their time, their territory, and in their way. We also live in a global borderless world where diversity is part of everyday life and having a high CQ (Customer Quotient) is necessary to work in the product development and marketing fields. The trends of authenticity, inclusivity, and diversity will eventually become the norm in the consumer goods space.

Ethnography allows consumers to be active participants in the research process and be co-developers of products, it also allows researchers to uncover deeper insights and sensibilities necessary to connect with consumers.

Using data analytics (CRM, in-app, social listening) to reveal customer behavior is also important.  The ability to collect unbiased honest mentions or customer reviews stating a wish for an existing or new product is priceless because that leads to an immediate insight into audience segmentation; that mention is attached to a history of organic conversations and a persona: demographics, geography, needs, experiences, aspirations, motivations, behaviors, and goals.

To uncover unmet needs and identify whitespaces in the market, a holistic approach using different research methods is necessary. In today´s world, you need data to guide your imagination, but you also need to talk to humans.