The supermarket tourism blog is coming soon!


Supermarket Tourism (noun) The commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to the main place of interest, the supermarket / the living museum of culture.

  • The supermarket as a sociological symbol and gateway into local and cultural heritage; an expression of the ways of living of a community.

The blog will include content about my supermarket tourism in my local (NY), national, international travels – and much more.

Supermarkets (i.e. bodegas, local grocery stores) are curated displays of modern artifacts (CPG) that offer the visitor and/or multiethnic consumer an opportunity to get acquainted with authentic products, connect with the values, language, and convictions of a culture, and understand the cultural heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation (“Mysore” sandalwood soap from India), or has been transformed through changing times (Cleopatra´s beauty ritual in 40BC), or has been lost and then found (Hispanic retro-acculturation trend).

Everyday places like supermarkets and e-commerce sites play a big role in culture, behavior, and preferences; they present consumers with the opportunity of human agency with every dollar they spend and every product they choose to buy. This topic has long been exploited by intellectuals and artists like Duchamp and Warhol who transformed the point view of everyday objects into pieces of art and symbols of pop culture. Today, it is the product developers, technicians, marketers, influencers, and entrepreneurs that are influencing consumers and transforming perspectives, behaviors, preferences, and landscapes.

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