I was born into a family of CPG entrepreneurs, innovators, and manufacturers. My late mentor and great-uncle, Miguel Facussé, was named “The King of Brands of Central America” by Forbes Mexico and sold several of his brands to Unilever. I am part of the third generation of CPG specialists in my family.

I recently graduated in June 2018 with an MS. Engineering and Management degree focused on product design and development from the IDM Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have a dual bachelors from NYU (B.A. Sociology with a concentration in Consumer Behavior and Marketing) and Parsons School of Design (B.S. Strategic Design and Management).

I consider myself a market tactician, white space strategist, and an integrator of human-centered design, engineering, and management focused on CPG top-line value creation with a holistic perspective who can understand the many parts around product, from market research, ideation to launch, consumer insights, and brand marketing strategy.

I’ve developed a strong intuition for the market through my experience in gathering primary and secondary market research and distilling key insights for marketing and product development strategies. I´ve designed and deployed +6 big surveys, managed +10 focus groups, and conducted ethnographic research with +1k consumers across 5 countries. I have experience doing sales analysis using retail POS data for category management decisions, have developed pricing strategies using conjoint analysis´ with Sawtooth software, and used Amazon Mechanical Turk to test interface designs. I´ve also developed digital marketing strategies using user-generated content, proprietary statistical data with R, and Google and Facebook Analytics. As W. Edwards Deming said, “In God we trust, all others must bring data.”


  • Ideation to Launch
  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • New Market & Product Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Cross-Functional Project Management
  • Product Design & Development

+ 4 parts of speech



You may have wondered why it says “Luvann” in the front page, why several of my projects have that brand name, and why brings you to my portfolio.

Since I am focused on consumer goods, I believe a crowdsourced name such as this is adequate to describe what I do and how I do it.  According to Urban Dictionary, #luvan is “Someone who has many names yet who also has different personalities as well; someone who is far more superior than others. Why are you so Luvan at everything?”

As adverbs provide a deeper description to verbs, I feel that the word Luvann captures the craft of a product developer + marketer. So, I´ve adapted this crowdsourced definition to:

Luvann /lo͞o-van/: with different ideas and innovative ways of seeing the world.

Constant Living


Constant [kŏn′stənt] Of an unknown quantity, but with a fixed value.

As Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said,  “change is the only constant in life.” I have committed to the Japanese philosophy “kaizen” as constant positive changes reap major improvements.

  1. Constant Learning
  2. Constant Curiosity
  3. Constant Improvement

the un-comfort zone


As a pragmatic, I learn best by doing.  So, one time a mentor at Parsons advised me to try everything I was curious about as a way to learn what I would enjoy doing most. The biggest lesson learned was the mastery and enjoyment of leaving my comfort zone. I followed the advice and below is a list of what I enjoyed most.

  • Co-president of MIT’s Ventureship Entrepreneurship Club
  • User Engagement Intern at MIT’s Sandbox Innovation Fund
  • Contributing Writer to MIT’s The Tech student newspaper
  • NYU Liberal Studies at Freshmen Year in Florence, Italy.
  • Photography: On Location in Havana, Cuba (NYU)
  • Aromatherapy Diploma, Australasian Academy of Wellness
  • Natural Formulation & Cosmetic Formulation Certification, Chemist´s Corner
  • Top Shop Capsule Collection Intern, U.K.
  • Condé Nast DNR & Menswear Magazine Intern
  • DKNY / LVMH Merchandising Intern
  • Cooked for +2k patrons in New York at Socialista Restaurant + Roothill Cafe + Mariebelle Cacao Bar.
  • New York Bartending License
  • Creative Writing Competition First Place winner, NYU, 2001
  • Entrepreneurship Guest Speaker at UNITEC University, Honduras.

Supermarket #touristing


  1. Activity and operation of visiting the main place of interest, the supermarket.
  2. Supermarket as a sociological symbol to represent a culture.

When traveling, I rather go to a supermarket than a museum. Supermarkets and local grocery stores are tourist-free stops where you can connect with locals and learn about a culture, country, and its people through the authentic products they love and buy – supermarkets are a great entry point to the primary elements of a culture like food, currency, language -and if you are curious enough you can go deeper and understand the values and convictions. Learn more here &  here