I am an integrator of human-centered design, engineering, and management focused on connecting with consumers for top-line value creation with a holistic perspective who can understand the many parts around product and brand.

I graduated in June 2018 with an M.S. in Engineering and Management degree focused on product design and development from IDM at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have a dual bachelors from NYU (B.A. Sociology with a concentration in Consumer Behavior and Marketing) and Parsons School of Design (B.S. Strategic Design and Management).


  • Product Innovation
  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • New Market & Product Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Ideation to Launch


make to connect


I have been making and selling products since I am 8 yrs old. My mother’s last gift to me was on my 13th birthday, an empty cookbook to write my beauty and food recipes. A month later, before passing, she wore one of my necklaces as a message that she would carry me with her. She intuitively knew that the best way to communicate highly sentimental messages to me was through products.

I develop products as mediums to connect with consumers. In order to connect, I believe in being honest, transparent, and authentic.  I am passionate about diverse cultures, the world of consumer goods, and figuring out what makes people tick.

the un-comfort zone


As a pragmatic, I learn best by doing.  So, one time a mentor at Parsons advised me to try everything I was curious about as a way to learn what I would enjoy doing most. The biggest lesson learned was the mastery and enjoyment of leaving my comfort zone. I followed the advice and below is a list of what I enjoyed most.

  • Co-president of MIT’s Ventureship Entrepreneurship Club
  • User Engagement Intern at MIT’s Sandbox Innovation Fund
  • Contributing Writer to MIT’s The Tech student newspaper
  • NYU Liberal Studies at Freshmen Year in Florence, Italy.
  • Photography: On Location in Havana, Cuba (NYU)
  • Aromatherapy Diploma, Australasian Academy of Wellness
  • Natural Formulation & Cosmetic Formulation Certification, Chemist´s Corner
  • Top Shop Capsule Collection Intern, U.K.
  • Condé Nast DNR & Menswear Magazine Intern
  • DKNY / LVMH Merchandising Intern
  • Cooked for +2k patrons in New York at Socialista Restaurant + Roothill Cafe + Mariebelle Cacao Bar.
  • New York Bartending License
  • Creative Writing Competition First Place winner, NYU, 2001
  • Entrepreneurship Guest Speaker at UNITEC University, Honduras.

Constant Living


Constant [kŏn′stənt] Of an unknown quantity, but with a fixed value.

As Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said,  “change is the only constant in life.” I have committed to the Japanese philosophy “kaizen” as constant positive changes reap major improvements.

  1. Constant Learning
  2. Constant Curiosity
  3. Constant Improvement

Supermarket #touristing


  1. Activity and operation of visiting the main place of interest, the supermarket.
  2. Supermarket as a sociological symbol to represent a culture.

When traveling, I rather go to a supermarket than a museum. Supermarkets and local grocery stores are tourist-free stops where you can connect with locals and learn about a culture, country, and its people through the authentic products they love and buy – supermarkets are a great entry point to the primary elements of a culture like food, currency, language -and if you are curious enough you can go deeper and understand the values and convictions. Learn more here &  here